The aim of our YOUTH SUPPORT SERVICE is to help young people realise their potential and achieve greatness in their lives.

Every young person is unique and at CRIB we believe we have a huge social responsibility to help each young person discover their potential, to mentor and assist them to reach their goals. We do not believe that this is the exclusive job of family or the local authority, but the community at large. We want to improve the social mobility prospects of the young adults living within inner-city Birmingham and have formed partnerships with educational institutions, local business and statutory agencies to assist us in our quest.

We work at ground level to

  • Help youth access service provisions

  • Reach disengaged youth

  • Work with families who struggle to motivate their children, some of whom are at that difficult age where direction and support is vital but hard to administer.

  • Bridge the gap between statutory agencies and youth

  • Help make our community a safer place to live

The services we currently provide are:

ADVICE:   Free advice services (e.g. benefits, housing, legal, financial etc).

TRAINING:  Free training to help develop social and independent living skills.

EDUCATION:  Help with finding the right course and course provider.  Assistance with writing applications to colleges and university.

EMPLOYMENT: Linking young people to employment opportunities. Assisting them with CV writing, job searching and interview techniques.

HEALTH/FITNESS: Providing information and guidance on health issues and well-being practices.

ENTERPRISE OPPORTUNITIES: Help and guidance to young entrepreneurs who want to start their own business.  

COMMUNITY ACTION:  Holding youth focus group sessions that will tackle the issues that affect the young adults in our community.

SOCIALISING & ENTERTAINMENT:    We hold social events throughout the year (informal & formal), as well as organise day trips and recreational weekends for youth.


It is only through donations and funding that we are able to offer all our services to all young people FREE of charge. 

If you would like to make a donation, please go to our contact us page for ways to connect with us. The work we do is only possible due to the kindness of individuals, Trusts and other supporters. We desperately need funds to continue supporting young people and any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated.


CRIB Smart is our very own child friendly initiative designed to support children living within inner-city Birmingham. There are three groups that come under the umbrella of ‘CRIB SMART’:

  • Girl SMART

  • Boy SMART

  • CRIB Summer Club

     Our mission is to:

  • build children of courage, confidence, and character

  • encourage children to embrace their individuality

  • produce positive role models for our community…

  • ensure our children remain focused on achieving their goal/s, and in time, become independent, self-motivating individuals

Girl Smart and Boy Smart are youth groups for all children aged 5-15. The aim of thee groups are to help children develop their full individual potential; relate to others with increasing understanding, skill, and respect; develop values to guide their actions and provide the foundation for sound decision making; and contribute to the improvement of society through their abilities, leadership skills, and cooperation with others.

We create the opportunity for boys and girls to develop emotionally, mentally and physically.

Girl/Boy Smart is for all children whatever their background and circumstances. We offer them fun, exciting activities and the chance to make life-long friends.  Although we are a Christian community organisation, we are open to ALL children – and welcome kids of all faiths and none.

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During the summer holidays we run various activities for children aged 5-16. Please check our latest news page for details of any upcoming clubs running this summer, 2020


CRIB is a youth resource centre with a Christian ethos.  Although we are not attached to any one particular church, our intention is not to work independently from churches, Christian organisations, or their youth programmes.  Our mission is to work alongside churches and Christian organisations to provide an invaluable, well rounded support service.

Christian youth and young adults are not immune from everyday issues and CRIB aims to ensure all youth are able to access all relevant service provisions both inside and outside of church so that their needs are met holistically.